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Sync Tool

Meexle Synchronization Tool for Salesforce keeps real-time projection of your organization data in a NoSQL storage, allowing you to analyze, understand and tune your business metrics to manage effective sales.

Data Backup

Meexle Sync can be used to schedule backups for your entire Salesforce organization, providing industry-standard security and saving up extra storage provisioning fees. Meexle backs up data in nosql data arrays.


Meexle Sync uses bulk and streaming Salesforce API, traffic compression and other techniques to make initial dataload lightning fast and ongoing updates instantly available in your NoSQL database.

NoSQL flavours

Chosing NoSQL storage option for your data opens up unlimited analytic opportuniites. Currently MongoDB is supported and Apache HBase support is in development. Support for other NoSQL flavours such as Apache Cassandra is on our plans.


With Meexle Sync the power of distributed data processing possible with a NoSQL database charged with your data will be unleashed.


Salesforce data made instantly available in a NoSQL database makes it possible to perform data aggregations that weren’t available on your Salesforce instance due to not enought computational power and various platform limits.

No Limits

Meexle Sync intelligently chooses best and proven techniques to communicate with Salesforce and optimizes API calls.

Subscription Plans

Meexle Services are distributed by subscription only. Test subscription is available upon request

Meexle Starter

Synchronizes up to 10 objects.
Consider the plan when:
  • you org has API limits
  • there total org data storage expands over 20Mb
  • you have your own Mongo instance

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Meexle Standard

Syncronizes up to 30 object.
Consider the plan when:
  • you need weekly data backups
  • you don't own Mongo

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Meexle Ultimate

Endless Sync and Analysis options.
Consider the plan when:
  • you own Enterprise salesforce licences
  • need custom data analysis mechanisms

Subscribing for this plan you will be provided with free Mongo cluster and Apache Spark

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Meexle Sync Process

Meexle Sync is simple

  • Subscribe

    Meexle Subscription Plans offer flexebility and do adjust to your needs

  • Install

    Install MeexleClient application from AppExchange

  • Configure

    Assemble synchronization configuration and sumbit the file to Meexle

  • Enjoy

Meexle Ideas

Meexle produces data arrays that may be used at other cloud services

Amazon Web Service

Feed data to Cassandra and process with Amazon Machine Learning

IBM BlueMix

Use data prepared by Meexle with Watson solutions

Our ambitions reach far beyond just data synchronization

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